Dingers in Oakland

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 26, 2010 at 9:30 PM

Oakland and Pittsburgh are having a '70s throwback night tonight. The A's are wearing solid gold uniforms with green piping while the Pirates have on their all-black duds and those famous square yellow caps. As part of the promotion, Comcast Sports Network California decided to do a '70s themed broadcast, with dated yellow graphics, no constant balls-strikes-out-score graphic in the top left corner, announcers in awful yellow sports coats, giant logos on the mics, and so forth.

Additionally, as you always see at these things, the booth has seen a parade of guests from the '72-'74 A's, including the great Vida Blue. As a special treat for A's fans whose memories go back farther than mine, Monte Moore was brought in to call the 5th inning in place of Greg Papa. Moore started with the Kansas City A's, came west with the team, and retired after the 1992 season. In the bottom of the fifth, Ray Fosse (with whom Monte had called games in the late '80s) got Monte to talk about the bell he'd brought with him to the booth. Monte explained, while calling the weak outs made by the first two batters, the history of how he came to call homers "dingers". With Kurt Suzuki coming to the plate, he managed to wrap up his story, explaining that he amassed a collection of bells given to him by fans that he'd ring on the air when the A's hit a home run.

Suzuki, who had no choice but to act as poetically as he possibly could, promptly hit a homer. Monte and Ray could do nothing but laugh in delight. And, of course, ring that bell.