Athletics Nation on the DH

By Jason Wojciechowski on May 12, 2011 at 9:20 AM

I read a lot of ridiculous things at Athletics Nation. I'm not sure if this takes the cake, but it's awfully close. Here's the key:

[A good DH] just won't help you in the field -- or rather, he WILL help you in the field if he allows you to put a good hitting lineup out there even when you include a couple light-hitting defensive whizzes.

Somehow Nico misses the point that the whole reason a DH's positional value is so low is because anyone can do it, and further that every team gets to use the DH. Yes, the availability of the DH means that you can hire a Matsui-, Howard-, or Ortiz-type player who really should not be in the field. But what does that prove? Only that AL teams will be able to hit better than NL teams without sacrificing defense. It doesn't prove the value of a DH in the least. The logical leap from one to the other here is astounding, and it's not that hard to see how it doesn't make sense.

If I had tags in this blog software and I were the type to say "SMH", this post would get an "SMH".