Game 82, Marlins 5, A's 4 (36-46) (brief)

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 1, 2011 at 1:50 AM

A few facts about the Marlins finishing off a series win over Oakland:

  • Before this two out of three from the A's, Florida had not won a series since the 2003 playoffs.

  • Before this one-run win, the Marlins had not won a one-run game since Dan Marino retired as their all-time saves leader.

  • This is the most groundball outs Chris Volstad has ever recorded in his career, except for that weird time in Little League when he decided to let everyone hit the ball because he was bored of striking everyone out all the time.

  • The last time the A's grounded into three or more double plays in one game was like probably yesterday.

  • Kurt Suzuki's homer was the shortest out-of-the-park home run in Oakland history.

  • After the game, Trevor Cahill, pulled away from his P90X workout to do a press conference, announced that he was "sick of this [shit]."