Site updates

By Jason Wojciechowski on November 20, 2011 at 10:10 PM

Back from a week of traveling and conferencing for work, I'm ready to start creating new content on the blog again. For now, though, some updates to the site itself:

  1. Of interest only to the nerds, I made some back-end changes that will reduce my headaches in a variety of ways -- finally having a sourced stylesheet instead of inlining everything; making the script that generates the site far more modular; introducing some error-checking; and cosmetic code fixes.

  2. In what I hope is the biggest change for readability, I've adjusted the font (back to a serif typeface -- I don't know why I ever thought a sans font was a good idea), tweaked the line-spacing, and increased the margins on the text, all with the goal of making it easier on your eyes.

  3. A number of cosmetic changes, including adding a green matting of sorts, making clicked links green, removing some borders, pushing the date of the post down below the byline (and integrating it better with the byline, rather than having it hanging off by itself), and adding the code that lets you see on the main page how many comments there are.

  4. I did this a little while ago, but I think it's complete now: individual-post pages now carry the same page-style as the main page, including the side and top bars.

  5. The change I'm most excited about is the "Woj Links" iframe in the right sidebar, below the ads on the main page, and the top element on the other pages. The short version is that Woj Links are links I've shared on various services, including Twitter and Google+. The long version is that what you see there is a Tumblr (with extraordinarily simplified custom HTML) that is populated by the remarkable ifttt, which polls various services according to recipes you design. For instance, every time I favorite a tweet, it creates a Tumblr link post on that page with the text of that tweet. When I tweet things that have links in them, ifttt grabs that link and puts it on the page as well. So on and so on. You can visit that Tumblr separately if you want, but I don't know how much fun that will be -- I only created it for the purpose of having these links in the sidebar of the blog.

If any changes really do not appeal to you, or if you're seeing problems in your browsing environment, please let me know via comments or email and I'll do what I can to make it better.