A's link roundup, 1/11/12

By Jason Wojciechowski on January 11, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Brought to you by the JUMBACO, just a few links.

If you're reading this blog, you probably know about all these players pretty well, but anyway, Jane Lee has a look at the pitchers in the running for the starting rotation in 2012. Or rather, on Opening Day 2012 -- Brett Anderson will obviously be a part of things once he comes back, but he's not in the article.

Wendy Thurm has a set of suggestions for how to resolve the territorial battle between the A's and Giants. It seems commonsensical to me, but I'll readily admit, as you can tell by the content on this blog as opposed to, say, Free Kraut, that I just don't follow the ballpark stuff that closely. The issues tend to make my eyes glaze over and, assuming the team remains somewhere in the general vicinity of where they were when I became a fan, I'll stay loyal. (All bets would've been off had Las Vegas or Portland ever become a serious thing.) So I don't get terribly invested in all of it. (This is partially because, as Wendy says, much to my delight, there's a lot we don't know when we're talking about stadiums and finances and suchlike. There are arguments to be made, but on the outside, many of those arguments go nowhere because neither side has any good data.)

Sometimes I get jealous because someone writes something I wish I were capable of. Grant Brisbee did that to me with his piece on Moneyball the movie. If you read it, you'll know almost exactly how I feel about the movie, but you'll also laugh a couple of times in the reading, which you wouldn't do if I wrote it.