Prospects lists and other A's links

By Jason Wojciechowski on January 25, 2012 at 10:10 PM

I have posted no links for a short period. Few things were happening. But here are some links.

Baseball America's Top 10 A's prospects is live. It's the four pitchers up top with Michael Choice coming in fifth. Jermaine Mitchell and Michael Taylor at eight and nine are ... interesting. David Wishinsky uses the same word in re: Mitchell and points out that Clay Davennport's projections for the outfielder are not rosy even though he'll play the season at 27. He doesn't have a lot of growth left if he's to follow a typical aging path.

Jonathan Mayo's Top 100 list is also out and the A's have six players on it, with Jarrod Parker the top listed player at #26.

Tommy Milone, sadly, is not on the list.

In future top prospect news, the A's signed a 16-year-old shortstop named Yairo Munoz. That link has video that I did not watch because this computer likely cannot handle it. Munoz's defense is apparently stronger than his offense, and he got just shy of $300,000 to sign.

Jeremy Barfield's latest blog post is up. He talks about his feeling that he's underachieved so far and how he has to, in his words, keep blinders on regarding the A's outfield situation and the odds that he can break into that.

We know from Twitter that Barfield is a particularly plugged-in individual. I wonder how many minor-leaguers follow the roster machinations of their major-league squads, and how closely. Were I an agent with a perfect relationship with my client, I would probably advise him to completely ignore everything going on at the major-league level. You can't do anything about it, so listen to the development team about what they want you to work on and go out and perform your best.

Bartolo Colon is officially an Oakland Athletic for one year at the cost of $2 million. I'm sure he'll be adequate.

In fondly remembered ex-A's news, Brad Ziegler avoided arbitration with the Diamondbacks.