By Jason Wojciechowski on October 2, 2012 at 12:40 AM

The A's are in the playoffs. The blog is back from hosting and home computer difficulties and too many hours spent at the office, and the A's are in the playoffs. Bob Melvin got a pie in the face from Josh Reddick and the A's are in the playoffs.

The time for analysis is to come, certainly. Or at least hopefully. If the A's can manage to pull off a miraculous sweep of the Rangers, we can do all sorts of analysis of the series they'll play against Baltimore or Texas or Detroit or New York. And if the Rangers win Tuesday or Wednesday, we can ... well, we can't do much analysis of the one-game "playoff" against Baltimore or New York. We just have to prepare to root and worry about analysis if Oakland makes it into the real playoffs.

But no matter what, the analysis will come. For now, for a few hours at least, we can just be happy.