A's lose Game Two, 5-4

By Jason Wojciechowski on October 7, 2012 at 12:40 PM

In lieu of an actual recap of a walk-off loss, here are things I hate:

  • That the A's had to play this game in Detroit as a punishment for winning six more games than the Tigers did. And doing so in a tougher division.

  • That Ryan Cook refuses to throw a strike.

  • That George Kottaras thinks the way you stop a fastball in the dirt with a runner on third in the late innings of a close playoff game is by backhanding it.

  • That Grant Balfour is apparently gassed and cannot throw a fastball.

  • That Coco Crisp apparently cannot see the baseball in Detroit and thus never gets a good jump. (Resulting, in this case, in him attempting a basket catch that hit the heel of his glove instead of a normal catch for an easy out.)

    • As a subsidiary matter, that A's beat writers apparently think "he ran a long way" is a valid reason to write off the plain fact that Crisp simply had to make that catch.
  • That I feel bitter after this amazing A's season. And yeah, I know the Positive Petes and Pollys will be out there with the sharp knives telling me not to write off the season, but in the depths of my misery here, it's really, really hard not to.