Rejected topics

By Jason Wojciechowski on February 21, 2013 at 12:38 AM

Being an amazing(ly bad) yet somehow uninspired blogger, here are news stories and blogs and such in the A's folder of my RSS reader about which I will not be pounding out 600 words.

The A's non-roster invitees. Brandon Moss hit a bunch of bombs last year, and someone on some team will do something similar this year. Odds are it won't be the A's because odds are, for any given team, that it won't be that team. Mike Ekstrom is in camp, woo.

It rained.

Jesse Chavez is going to sta

Jordan Norberto and Biogenesis. I certainly don't care as a moral matter, and I don't even care that much as a matter of this team. He could be sort of reasonably okay and has upside that might even be labeled "good," but even if MLB somehow decides to just blow its commitments under the collective bargaining agreement and subject itself to the biggest grievance since collusion in the 1980s by suspending all these Biogenesis folks, there's not enough here to make me worried.

Jed Lowrie said he thinks he's a shortstop or at least a second baseman. I don't think I wrote about Coco Crisp's "demigod" comment last year, either. Crisp's comments last year weren't the reason why the A's won 94 games instead of 96.

Bartolo Colon apologized for doing whatever he can in his power to keep making a seven-figure salary to play a game.

Scott Sizemore didn't get hurt like he did last year. Because, hey.

Top prospect lists. They're snapshots. You'd make a different list three weeks from now. You might make a different list tomorrow.

Players having babies. They're humans. It's what they do.

Josh Reddick's hair. (This is actually the topic I'd be most likely to write 600 words on, and yet I'm still not doing it.)

Mike Ekstrom. There haven't been this many stories about a nonroster longshot since Manny Ramirez.

Josh Reddick's wrasslin' belt.