Post-marathon roster reinforcements

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 30, 2013 at 7:44 AM

Nineteen-inning games are the ones that blow up your roster, causing you to make moves you wouldn't normally make just to provide fresh legs, fresh arms, fresh heads, fresh lettuce. For instance:

I might expect Brett Anderson to hit the disabled list because of his tweaked ankle (which ankle was already injured, of course) rather than just missing a start as the A's obviously hoped he would, thus allowing them to call a pitcher up, whether it be Jesse Chavez (exempted from the rule that you have to spend 10 days in the minors by the fact that he's replacing a disabled player) or Evan Scribner or even Pedro Figueroa.

Or to the extent Chris Young or Coco Crisp might normally be day to day with their injuries, the fact that both of them got knocked out in the same marathon game could leave the team unwilling to run with a 23-man roster and a two-man outfield (plus Seth Smith or Brandon Moss), thus necessitating the placing of whichever of the two is more badly injured on the DL and the calling up of Michael Taylor to play left or Shane Peterson to play first while Brandon Moss plays left. Or, I guess, theoretically at least, Grant Green (who is hitting .337/.409/.525 thus far (115 PAs) in his second crack at Triple-A).

It's also possible that, even if Anderson goes on the disabled list, the A's could want even further reinforcements in the bullpen, but it's hard to see where these would come from. They're not going to send out Balfour, Cook, and Doolittle, and these are the only three relievers who aren't out of options. The A's could possible go short on the bench for a few days, swapping out Eric Sogard for a pitcher, then sending that pitcher down for Andy Parrino when the time comes to go full-bench again.

With Jerry Blevins having thrown three days in a row, Balfour Cook and Doolittle having gone back-to-back, and Pat Neshek and Chris Resop having gone multiple frames yesterday, I would not be surprised to hear that Bob Melvin and Curt Young asked Billy Beane for reinforcements.