By Jason Wojciechowski on July 11, 2013 at 10:24 PM

Jason has spent a long day at the office, working hard to bring home the bacon and advocate for working people. He spends some time with his wife while she's cooking breakfast-for-dinner: scrambled eggs, veggie sausages, toasted french bread. They chat while they eat.

Jason: Thanksgiving's going to be fun, right?

Wife: Sure.

Jason: What do you think we should bring?

Wife: (beat) It's July.

Jason: Alright, alright.

They finish their meals with more idle chatter. Jason puts the dishes in the sink, pets Joey, Tami, and Archer Cat in turn, and goes into the back bedroom, which they use as an office.

Jason: Let's see.

He sets the iPad up to the right of his laptop, folding the Smart Cover so that it stands up.

He touches the MLB At Bat app icon, clicks the little window app in the top right to see the list of games, scrolls through.

Jason: What!

Jason: Did the A's not play today?

He frowns.

Jason: Fine. Goddammit.