Nolan Sanburn written up at BP

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 15, 2013 at 8:51 AM

Just a quick note that Nolan Sanburn leads off the Baseball Prospectus "Monday Morning Ten Pack this week. Nick J. Faleris has a report on him from Beloit (Low-A), though it's unclear from the write-up whether it's eyes-on or he get information from sources.

Either way, I can't really quote it here, but the highlights are a 90-92 fastball (sitting) and what sounds like two different good breaking pitches.

Sanburn was the A's second round pick last year out of Arkansas (the school) and signed for $710,000. He threw 18 innings for Vermont after signing, but the Beloit game on July 10th was his Midwest League debut after he got hurt in the spring. (Sanburn also made two appearances in the Arizona League (a complex league) before appearing at Beloit.)

There are actually two players from Sanburn's draft round who have already made their major-league debuts: Paco Rodriguez, who threw six innings for the Dodgers last year and has spent the entire season in the big leagues this year; and Alex Wood of the Braves, who made his debut on May 30th and has thrown 22 innings so far.