Oh, that silent "D"

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 23, 2004 at 11:40 PM

  • The Braves have to be frustrated by their five-inning, 5-3 loss to the Reds. Given the Cincinnati pitching staff, they have to figure they could have made up two runs over the last four innings, but it didn't get to happen, and the Reds steal a win.

  • The Brewers and Diamondbacks made up for the two rain-shortened games on the ledger by going fifteen innings (actually, that adds up just right: ATL-CIN lost four innings, and COL-LAD lost two, while this game had six extra). As always happens in fifteen inning games, some fun numbers were put up:
    • Danny Bautista went 5-8 with two homers;

    • Chad Tracy had four hits, and Matt Kata had three hits and two walks, but those infielders made seven outs between them anyway;

    • Kata fell a homer short of a supercycle (he had a single, double, triple, and walk);

    • Scott Podsednik got on base four times, with three walks and a double, and stole two bases, giving him eleven on the year;

    • Brooks Kieschnick had a pinch-hit homer, but unfortunately didn't also pitch;

    • and the two clubs used fourteen pitchers before Steve Sparks took the win for Arizona and Adrian Hernandez (who I didn't even know was playing for Milwaukee) took the loss for the Brewers, though he threw four scoreless innings before allowing two runs in his fifth frame.

  • Lew Ford continued his rampage with two hits, one of them his third homer of the year, in helping the Twins beat the Tigers. Ford's got 43 PA's and a .450/.477/.800 line. Free Lew Ford!

  • Mike Mussina threw one of those games that, as a Yankee pitcher, you usually expect to earn a win for. Moose gave up four runs in eight innings, though his line doesn't look that great: nine hits, one homer, and three walks. On the other hand, considering how many runs and baserunners there were, his 104 pitches thrown is downright conservationist. Scott Schoeneweis and the Sox bullpen were just a hair better, though, so Mussina picked up his fourth loss.

    tsn.ca has "On pace for"s on their player pages, which are neat. Mussina, due mostly to the early Japanese start to the year, is on pace for 51 starts, in which he'll have a 10-41 record (he's gotten a decision in all five of his starts this year). He'll also give up 51 homers among his 428 (!) hits. We could do this all day. Luckily for you, dear reader, we won't.