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By Jason Wojciechowski on March 12, 2014 at 10:44 PM

I have been doing so much work, but now I'm in San Diego at a conference so here's what I've missed. Did you miss it, too? Maybe you did.

Daric Barton strained his hamstring, which is the kind of thing that can put a bubble player behind and cause them to miss a spot on the Opening Day roster. Then again, if he's struggling with injuries and isn't really ready to go, will another team claim him when the A's designate him for assignment? Not that I want him to be injured for the sake of the roster, but if an injury is the reason he doesn't make it, then maybe it puts the A's in a position where they don't have to lose him. It was ruled mild and day-to-day, though. There's also an Addison Russell hamstring issue, though that's more about his development than the current 25- or 40-man roster.

This is depressing: "With Michael Choice traded to Texas this winter for Gentry, it’s clear Billy Burns is now considered the A’s top outfield prospect in the upper levels of the minors." (Link.)

It's cute that someone still thinks Michael Ynoa could be a starter. To which I can really just say: nah.

Dan Straily's talent is playing "Call of Duty". Dan Otero likes crosswords. Yes, it is spring training.

In which a famous Branch Rickey quote is attributed to Billy Beane. I'm sure he's flattered.

I don't know why you'd get run from a spring game and I don't know why you'd throw someone out of a spring game. Don't do any of that.