Honorary Saves and Former A's

By Jason Wojciechowski on May 5, 2004 at 2:25 PM

UPDATE: The title might not make sense, but that's because I made a stupid mistake and lost the rest of the post I wrote this morning. Aargh!

No A's game yesterday, but there was plenty of other action.

  • Greg Maddux and Jason Marquis stole bases against each other, but Maddux ended up on the top of the heap in the end, as his two runs in seven innings (vintage late-era Maddux) trumped Marquis's three in 6.1 (plus some more off of relievers later on). Marquis might have gone deeper had it not taken him 112 pitches just to get through his innings. Maddux was the picture of efficiency, on the other hand, using just 84 pitches in his seven frames. That's 12 pitches an inning, for those scoring at home.

    Albert Pujols hit his eighth homer of the year.

  • Victor Martinez's two-run homer in the first against Curt Schilling was enough to send the Indians to their third straight win, and the Red Sox to their fourth in a row. Jake Westbrook and three relievers made the runs stand up despite not getting much from their offense the rest of the way, aside from two more Martinez hits, including a double.

    The Red Sox got eight hits (three doubles) and six walks, the Indians made two errors and only turned one double play, yet Boston could manage just one run. That's actually pretty remarkable, especially for a team that hits like the Bostons do.