A few notes from today's action

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 3, 2003 at 8:34 PM

Billy Koch got lit up for four runs on four hits and a walk without getting an out as the Royals completed their sweep of the White Sox. Too bad for my frisbee buddy Ari, but I can't help but gloat about Koch, though the happiness is tempered by the fact that Keith Foulke blew his shot with the A's tonight, too.

But wait, go back and read that again. Right, the Royals swept the White Sox.
Many people picked the Sox to win the division this year, but I strongly doubt their pitching. It's sad, because it was such a strength two or three years ago. Wouldn't they really like to have Josh Fogg and Kip Wells back right now?

Mike Sweeney had a great night, going 3-3 with three walks and a homer. I'm glad this guy's my fantasy first baseman. Too bad I joined a public Yahoo league where walks don't matter.

Jeremy Giambi is killing that same fantasy team right now, though, as he went 0-5 today. It didn't matter, though, because the Red Sox still scored 14 runs.
That team has a scary offense. And Grady Little isn't afraid to mix it up with his interchangable parts, either, punting some defense, as Bill Mueller started at second tonight with Shea Hillenbrand at third and Jeremy Giambi in left. One through nine, that lineup is scary. The only relief came when Damian Jackson played short late in the blowout, but even Jackson is a pretty servicable hitter for a backup shortstop. With Jeter's injury and the Red Sox offense and top couple of pitchers, I don't think the Yankees have a chance at this point.