Nolan Reimold?

By Jason Wojciechowski on February 1, 2015 at 7:16 PM

Late Friday night:

That's an interesting one. The A's are a little short in outfield hitting and Reimold, who hits right-handed, has a career line of .251/.324/.439, though the vast majority of that came in a very nice debut 2009. From 2010–14: 723 plate appearances, .235/.300/.423 line, which works out to a 96 OPS+. PECOTA is more optimistic than Steamer on 2015, but .231/.307/.387 ain't much more than .215/.279/.362.

And who would he replace? On the 40-man, probably ninth reliever Taylor Thompson; on the 25, Sam Fuld or Craig Gentry? But Gentry's a center fielder (Reimold has mostly played left in his career, with a smattering of right), as is Fuld, and PECOTA figures Gentry for a .249 True Average vs. .259 for Reimold. There's an upgrade there, but over the course of the season, you're looking at half a win on offense, and you lose something when Coco Crisp goes down and you have to play Sam Fuld against lefties.

Reimold himself hasn't shown any platoon split in his career, but (a) it's not enough plate appearances to trust, especially spread over six years and (b) that just means he's mediocre against both sides.

I'm not exactly a Fuld defender and Gentry did whatever the opposite of growing on me is last year (growing off me? Shrinking on me?) but Nolan Reimold and his subpar corner-only offense isn't the answer to the A's left field weirdness.

Is there an answer remaining on the free-agent market? The entire list of remaining outfielders, according to MLB Trade Rumors, is as follows:

Tyler Colvin
Ryan Doumit
Cole Gillespie
Tony Gwynn
Scott Hairston
Raul Ibanez
Reed Johnson
Jason Kubel
Ryan Ludwick
Nolan Reimold
Nate Schierholtz
Eric Young

So that's a no, then.