Kendall Graveman to the DL

Posted by Jason Wojciechowski on April 17, 2017 at 9:03 PM

Proving that sometimes you should just listen when Susan Slusser tries to hint things at you, and proving that a pitcher who leaves a game early with soreness in every last part of his body is not bound for good news, Kendall Graveman is hitting the disabled list with a shoulder strain. He made the requisite noises about how the 10-day DL changes things, it should only be one start, etc. etc., but look at the listed reason again: shoulder strain!

I'm not even going to get into Marcus Semien's wrist issue turning out to be a fracture that will keep him out until June, and we can only hope he returns to being himself; wrist injuries can be problematic that way.

One wonders whether the Bruce Maxwell call-up is a temporary situation. On the one hand, the team could call up Paul Blackburn to take Graveman's start and demote either a reliever or Maxwell. On the other hand, there's Raul Alcantara right there, already on the roster.

In any event, in the meantime, hopefully we won't see too much of Stephen Vogt catching. Things could basically look like this:

C: Maxwell / Phegley
1B: Healy / Alonso
2B: Lowrie / Pinder
SS: Rosales / Pinder
3B: Plouffe / Healy
LF: Davis / Decker
CF: Davis / Decker
RF: Joyce / Decker
DH: Vogt / Davis / Healy / Plouffe

I wouldn't be against a more-or-less-strict platoon at catcher; as to the rest, I mainly want to see Healy and Pinder in the lineup every day, moving around defensively, with most of their time coming at the expense of Alonso and Rosales.