A's finally win again

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 17, 2003 at 3:48 PM

And it's about time. They got a very nice game from Tim Hudson, who didn't walk anyone while getting seven strikeouts in eight innings. He managed to get through those eight innings throwing just 90 pitches, which is pretty amazing.
That coupled with the lack of walks tells me he probably had a good night with the ball-strike ratio.

In fact, the recap says that Hudson only went to one three-ball count (on Mark McLemore, who eventually struck out). Hudson threw 67/90 pitches for strikes, or about 74%. Using the "good-pitch-bad-pitch" methodology (a hit or ball is bad, everything else is good, intentional walks don't count), Hudson had about 69% good pitches, which is very good.

Keith Foulke threw another efficient ninth for the save, through 15 pitches, 10 of them strikes (67%) and, since he gave up no hits, his good pitch percentage was also 67%.

Eric Chavez stole a base, his second of the season, got his 11th walk of the season (his walk rate is through the roof right now), and hit his third homer.
Ruby Durazo also hit his third homer of the year. Those two trail (who else?) Terrence Long for the team lead in home runs.

Speaking of Long, a single in four at bats brings his season line to 235/328/529. Long's Isolated Power approaching .300 is astounding, but that 328 OBP is ugly. Strictly by OPS, he's ahead of where he needs to be, but that OBP isn't helping the team. I hope Macha isn't fooled by Long's slugging.

Speaking of Macha, starting Byrnes in center on a night when an extreme ground-ball pitcher was on the mound is exactly the kind of sign of life that I like to see out of the A's manager.

Aside from Jermaine Dye's two walks, there's nothing else to note.