The Law Firm; Episode 2

By Jason Wojciechowski on August 5, 2005 at 10:14 PM

On last night's episode of The Law Firm, we saw Anika and Elizabeth's dismissals. Anika's firing was completely predictable, as she'd done a poor job two weeks in a row, capped this week by deviating from the strategy her teammates had laid out for their trial. Elizabeth was a bit of a surprise. I wouldn't call it unjustified, since Roy Black correctly criticized her effort to prepare their witness for cross-examination. In light of Olivier's utterance of "Bullshit" in response to losing his case, though, as well as the willful misdirect perpetrated by Black at the dismissal ceremony, I may have gasped a little bit when Black said Elizabeth's name.

As regards Olivier, I think Black likes his style; had it been Deep or Chris blowing up like that after losing, they would have been fired. Both of them are quieter types than Olivier, and I don't think Black sees much potential for great trial attorneys in quiet types, though from what we've seen of both Deep and Chris, they're certainly capable.

Meanwhile, what was up with the judge in the arbitration (the dominatrix case)? Did he seriously ask to see the website? I could see why Olivier got a little upset, because (though I acknowledge how little of the actual proceedings we see due to editing) the judge seemed way more interested in the website than in the legal matters of what contract the two parties may have had between them. I'm curious to hear from some of the actual lawyers out there what they thought of this particular case, though the facts available to us are certainly scant.