Just seen on FSNY

By Jason Wojciechowski on August 20, 2005 at 5:10 AM

I want to watch the Mets game tonight. Unfortunately, that means I have to sit through the pre-game show, because I've got nothing better to do. That also means I have to deal with fun things like this: according to the graphic that's up on FSNY right this moment (I've got it paused on my DVR to make sure I'm not missing something), from July 3 to July 5, the Washington Nationals won 12 straight one-run games.

That's right, in a span of three days, they won 12 straight one-run games.

A typo's a typo, but the guy at the desk whose job it is to read this stuff to us just said, with no hesitation, exactly what it said on the screen. I guess it's some kind of skill to be that oblivious.