Another loss, another outfielder acquired

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 30, 2007 at 2:15 AM

The AP game recap for Sunday's contest against the Devil Rays (dropped, 5-3) mentions that starter Dallas Braden was optioned to AAA immediately after the game to make room for Ryan Langerhans, acquired from the Braves in what can only be termed a desperation trade. Bobby Kielty will likely need to go on the DL, but as is the A's wont, it seems like it hasn't happened yet. In any case, it's not like the A's had any more outfielders available they could call up.

Langerhans is hitting a downright A's-like .049/.188/.049 to start the year. That's two singles, six walks, and one HBP in 48 plate appearances. That said, he did put up OBP's of .348 and .350 in the last two years (373 and 369 PA's, respectively), while playing all three outfield positions (mostly the corners, which is understandable - even if he's a good center fielder, the Braves have a guy named Andruw Jones out there - you might have heard of him).

Langerhans is a lefty swinger who's batted almost exclusively against right-handed pitchers in his career (685 PA's against the, compared to just 121 against portsiders). On the other hand, in that limited time against lefties, he's hit better against them than against his natural enemies: .364 OBP and .287 BA vs. just .332 and .234.

He has never batted in Oakland, but maybe his home/road bias will carry over. Despite Atlanta not being known as a launching pad or anything, Langerhans has hit .298/.382/.442 there compared to just .188/.293/.315 on the road.

Who knows at this point what the A's gave up to get Langerhans, but hopefully it wasn't much, especially in light of losing Marcus McBeth to get a guy (Chris Denorfia) who won't even be able to fulfill his fourth outfielder duties until next year.