Todd Walker gone; exciting play-by-play

By Jason Wojciechowski on May 12, 2007 at 9:21 PM

Nothing personal against Todd Walker, but I'm glad to see the A's made the right decision to DFA him in order to clear space for Dallas Braden to come up from AAA to start today's game. He's pretty clearly outgunned by the bats the A's have brought in so far (Cust, Snelling), and if he can't play anywhere other than first base, he's not a useful player.

We'll see if anybody trades for him or if the A's have to waive him, and then if someone decides to claim him on waivers (I have to imagine somebody could use him, right?).

Meanwhile, the world is upside down, since the A's just stole a base (Shannon Stewart, stealing second in the top of the first against the Indians after drawing a four-pitch leadoff walk) and it worked out all right as Nick Swisher hit a ground-rule double that would have resulted in runners on second and third had Stewart only been at first.

Of course, Swisher followed that up by being doubled off on a popup into short left center by Eric Chavez. Jhonny Peralta was the one who caught it, so maybe it was kind of a miracle catch or something. (I'm watching on MLB's GameCast.)

But who needs these other guys? There goes Dan Johnson with another hit, which makes him eight for his last nine.

And Jack Cust! An off-field homer! His fifth of the year, in just his 20th at-bat! My god, what a monster. Like I said, forget this Mike Piazza bastard. Hell, forget everyone else: all we need is Dan Johnson and Jack Cust.

(And hey, I just added Cust to my fantasy team yesterday, so that's a homer and two ribbies for the good guys.)