A's try to shatter records in international signing

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 25, 2008 at 5:01 PM

Here's a very interesting story about the A's chasing a hot Dominican prospect named Michel Inoa. He's apparently going to get a bonus in the $4 million range, which will break international signing records. This is what makes it odd that the A's are apparently winning the battle for his services: their franchise record for such a signing is $350,000, for outfielder Robin Rosario. The Yankees are apparently also interested, which would seem to indicate, "Ok, the Yankees are going to sign him," but the A's are actually outbidding them as it currently stands. I have no idea what this means going forward -- is there something about this kid that makes him so special that the A's are willing to break their old signing bonus record ten-fold? He apparently throws in the '90's with a good curve and change, and he's 6'7", 205 pounds (so he should fill out a bit more), but aren't there lots of physically talented 16-year-olds out there?

Happily, Enrique Rojas reports that Inoa is not interested in a major league deal. I guess he's smart enough to realize that the Wily Mo Pena path is not for him: a fat up-front contract does you no good if you don't get the development time you need.

Robin Rosario, by the way, is currently playing on one of the two Oakland Dominican Summer League teams. He's hitting 182/250/318, but in just 24 plate appearances so far.