Welcome to the new Beaneball.org

By Jason Wojciechowski on November 1, 2009 at 5:55 PM

This is the new, stripped-down Beaneball.org. I've finally decided to move away from the old software that I'd been using for years to this platform, which doesn't have a name, mainly because I wrote it. It's obviously much less pretty, but it's functional, and it does exactly what I want (precisely because I'm the one who wrote it). And when it doesn't do something I want, I can make it do that. Unless that involves Javascript or PHP, because I'm illiterate when it comes to web technology invented after 1992.

Anyway, update your feed readers to reflect the new RSS feed, linked above and in the sidebar. Let me know if anything's obviously broken. Internal links are going to be broken, and they're just going to remain that way. I don't have the time or patience to go back and redo the link from a three-year-old post to a five-year-old post.

If you want to search the site ... uh, too bad? No, the best thing to do is use "site:beaneball.org" in a google search, although it'll probably be a little while before Google updates itself as to the site.