Jesse Hahn should be back soon

Posted by Jason Wojciechowski on August 11, 2016 at 9:44 PM

Susan Slusser's got some injury notes, including good news that Jesse Hahn looks on track to be back at the minimum, around August 20. For a team that has had games started by Andrew Triggs, Zach Neal, and Ross Detwiler the last three days, even someone who's struggled as Hahn has this year should be a welcome sight.

Slusser also notes that Sean Doolittle should make it back at some point, which is great just from a sort of fan perspective. Obviously late-game options aren't a big deal on a losing team, but Doolittle is a bright spot in terms of the at-home experience, sitting on the couch. I'd like to see him back.

On the other hand, Bob Melvin's comment about Henderson Alvarez seems about as close to me to saying "there's no way he pitches this year" as he could say without actually saying that. "I've got my fingers crossed" isn't really a thing you hear management say when they're actually planning on seeing someone pitch.