Ryon Healy for ROY?

Posted by Jason Wojciechowski on September 20, 2016 at 10:19 PM

If Gary Sanchez is getting consideration, so should Healy! Yes, certainly. But let's not go too crazy with the argument, seeing how Sanchez, in 56 fewer plate appearances entering tonight, had a 45-point OBP advantage and a 164-point slugging advantage over Healy. In True Average terms (park-adjusted, linear weights–based, .260 is average), Healy is at .307 to Sanchez's .341. This means that Sanchez has created about three more runs with his bat than Healy despite the plate-appearance deficit. Healy's running out of time to make up that gap, even before you get to the fact that Sanchez is doing all this at catcher, and in particular as a catcher whose framing numbers have been good three years running, while Healy is still finding his way as a third baseman.

So yes, definitely, of course, consider Healy, and consider Sanchez, but I still consider Healy behind Sanchez, and therefore I think Healy falls off my American League Rookie of the Year ballot, which goes Michael Fulmer, Gary Sanchez, Sean Manaea.