Mark Canha in center field

Posted by Jason Wojciechowski on March 8, 2017 at 9:49 AM

Spring training is for experimentation, and if Canha can fake center, that's one fewer full outfielder the A's need to carry (considering Adam Rosales is a seven-position wonder, and there's always Stephen Vogt), but do the odds of this turning out well seem high to anybody? Slusser refers to Canha running well, and he did steal seven bases in 2015, but my recollection is less that he runs well than that he's not a complete slug, i.e. he's plausible in a corner outfield spot. And "plausible" is all he ever was in my view, because it's not just about speed, but about a whole host of skills and tools that add up to a good defender.

As usual, this isn't about the A's trying to find a way to get from 88 wins to 92 and therefore the playoffs, so there's only so much it matters, but it sure would seem to matter to the poor pitchers, who are going to have a hard enough time.