Next up on the injury brigade

Posted by Jason Wojciechowski on May 25, 2017 at 9:12 AM

Bobby Wahl is hurt, and it's a shoulder strain. This sucks for Wahl, who made his big-league debut this year and had struck out eight hitters in 7⅔ innings, albeit with poor control numbers (four walks, a hit batter, two wild pitches). Bob Melvin referred to him having both shoulder soreness and biceps tendinitis; one hopes it really does just amount to a few weeks of rest getting him right and ready again, but one also despairs.

Zach Neal, who threw 70 extremely high-contact innings last year (247 balls in play out of 281 batters faced), is up for the first time in 2017. He was pitching fine in Nashville, runs-allowed wise, but he K/9 rate is still under four, which is astounding. Wish for the best, for him and the team, and expect the worst in the big leagues.