Game 118

By Jason Wojciechowski on August 18, 2010 at 12:30 AM

Tonight's 6-2 win over the Blue Jays was particularly notable from a non-game-analysis perspective for two at-bats, each by Daric Barton. In the first, following a leadoff double by Coco Crisp, Barton, who had bunted in that situation some ridiculous number of times so far this year, smacked a double of his own, scoring the A's first run. Then, in the seventh, with Coco Crisp on first in a tie game with nobody out, Barton again knocked a hit, this one a grounded single to right. The bunt was hardly an obvious play in either situation, but Barton has defied those rules all year long. It's unclear what's changed, but I'm not going to worry about it given the outcome.

The rest of the game featured what's becoming a typically excellent Dallas Braden start, anemic batwork by the A's, and a number of stolen bases. Baserunning has been the theme of the year for the A's, which made the the play on which the A's took the lead in the seventh fitting. First, Coco Crisp stole third with Conor Jackson at the plate and Barton on first. After Jackson struck out, Jack Cust bounced a ball weakly to second. Barton slowed up so the ball wouldn't hit him, then did a bit of a dance in an attempt to avoid Aaron Hill's tag. Hill got the out anyway, but was put off-balance, resulting in a bad throw to first that squirted past Lyle Overbay. Thusly was the inning-ending double-play avoided, allowing Coco Crisp to come home from third. Further, and what made the play really exciting, Jack Cust motored around to second on the bad throw, despite the ball not getting all that far away from Overbay (and despite Jack Cust still being, well, rather Custian).

The A's then added a couple more runs on some line-drive singles and a horrifyingly bad defensive play in left field by Travis Snider. (Future first baseman Travis Snider, one hopes, for the sake of his psyche.) From there, it was over. Craig Breslow (until he got hurt on a line drive) and Mike Wuertz shut things down and the A's finally won a game.

One other note: Steve Tolleson doesn't really look like a Steve Tolleson. He's taller and skinnier than I figure he should be. I picture more of a Ty Wigginton type.

Tomorrow has that Marc Rzepajtahjthag%$@%ski guy pitching against Gio Gonzalez in the rubber match.