A history of Billy Beane's intradivision trades

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Thanks to the amazing Baseball Reference trade partners tool, figuring out when Billy Beane has traded with the Angels, Mariners, and Rangers is trivial. So here's a list:

  • January 2011, Beane gets Guillermo Moscoso from Texas for Ryan Kelly.

  • March 2010, Beane sends Gregorio Petit to Texas for Edwar Ramirez.

  • July 2009, Beane sends Jack Hanahan to Seattle for Justin Souza.

  • June 2007, Beane sells Adam Melhuse (miss u) to the Rangers.

  • May 2006, Beane sells Marcus "Missing N" Gwyn to the Angels.

  • March 2006, A's-Cubs-Rangers three team deal involving John Rheinecker from Oakland to Texas and Juan Dominguez from Texas to Oakland. Arguably the least significant three-team deal in history.

  • May 2005, Beane acquires Tom Gregorio for Mike Zeigler. The trade is voided three days later. I have no memory of this.

  • March 2002, Beane gets Justin Duchscherer from the Rangers for Luis Vizcaino.

  • January 2002, the big Carlos Pena deal with the Rangers, with the A's getting Pena and Mike Venafro for Gerald Laird, Ryan Ludwick, and Mario Ramos.

  • November 2000, Beane acquires Aaron Harang and Ryan Cullen from the Rangers for Randy Velarde.

  • July 1999, Beane gets Omar Olivares and Randy Velarde for the stretch run, gives up Elvin Nina, Jeff DaVanon, and Nathan Haynes.

(Weren't the A's rumored to be in on Jim Edmonds, too? Or was that just fan wishcasting?)

This isn't that many trades, but I'm also not sure that Beane has any reluctance to work within the division. On the other hand, the number of good players given to teams in the division (since this investigation was prompted by the question of whether Billy Beane would trade Andrew Bailey to Texas) amounts to: Ryan Ludwick (not an established player at the time) and Randy Velarde (old, but it turned out he had a little bit of juice left in his bat -- ahem).