Cespedes and San Jose: A's links

By Jason Wojciechowski on March 3, 2012 at 3:30 PM

The Cespedes visa arrived and so did Cespedes. Shortly thereafter, he passed a physical and the A's added him to the 40-man roster, with Scott Sizemore moving to the 60-day Disabled List to make room. The A's are effectively left with 39 men on the Forty, as Brett Anderson will surely be making his way to the 60-day soon as well.

Bill Madden says that the A's aren't moving to San Jose. I can't tell whether he's reporting or speculating, though. He doesn't cite any sources, but he also doesn't use any "I think"-type language, either. He just states stuff. It's hard to tell what's going on.

Marine Layer's typically excellent take on the Madden story is here.

I think that's all for news and speculation on the A's today. Some general-baseball-sites catch-up.

Harry Pavlidis illustrates how useful it can be when pitchers talk publicly about their pitching. A's-relevant because it's about classifying Brandon McCarthy's PITCHf/x data after his ESPN the Magazine feature story.

Geoff Young had three bold predictions about the A's at Baseball Prospectus on the 28th. It doesn't seem crazy that all three (A's win 75, Tyson Ross breaks out, and Manny doesn't do anything stupid) could come true, depending on your definition of "breaks out."

Did I link this already? Jason Parks and I wrote the Baseball Prospectus A.L. West preview here. It went up on the 29th.

Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse deservedly ranked 9th out of the 30 broadcast teams in baseball per Carson Cistulli's crowd-sourcing project. The comments point out that Glen Kuiper is mediocre, but Ray Fosse is a genius, if an old-school type of genius. Plus he loves Dippin' Dots, which I can't believe didn't get mentioned in any of the three reader comments that Cistulli published. A number of commenters crap all over Fosse, which is absurd. They obviously have no appreciation of the finer things in life. (Either that or they don't realize just how bad the announcing is in the rest of the league.)

The link also contains a fantastic Jerry Remy / Don Orsillo video.