Miguel Tejada will not be an Athletic

By Jason Wojciechowski on March 16, 2003 at 5:15 PM

So A's managing owner Steve Schott announced that the A's will apparently not try to resign Miguel Tejada, according to, for instance, MLB.com.

Obviously, Tejada was going to end up an Oriole or Dodger or Giant (Rich Aurilia can play second) or Mariner or something after this season, but a concession this early is somewhat surprising, especially considering that the party line should be that the financial situation of baseball is better now, what with the owners nice gains in the CBA negotiations.

Schott said:

"The system is broken down when only two or three teams can pick up a player of Miguel's caliber and sign him to an eight- to 10-year contract and pay him the money he deserves. This small-market team with the system we have just can't afford him."

Only two or three teams? I think we could say the Dodgers, Cardinals, Mariners, and Orioles right off the bat could sign him and might be interested in doing so. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers all have the financial ability, but they've got their own highly paid shortstops already. That's seven teams off the top of my head. Now, if none of those teams are dumb enough to sign Tejada through his age 35 (at least; I don't think he's had to verify his age yet, so he could be older) or 36 or 37 season, then that's just a sign that teams (and insurance companies) are getting smarter, not a sign that the economics of baseball are screwed up.

Granted, the economics of baseball could use a little help, just not the kind the owners want to give.