Draft Rounds 1 through 10

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 6, 2014 at 11:16 PM

The second day of the interminable MLB draft has ended, and everybody has some new players. The A's have ten new players. Here is who they are:

  1. Matt Chapman: Third baseman with some size out of CSU Fullerton. The bat is the concern, but the defense (and especially the arm) is legit. If he's athletic enough to also play the outfield corners, then he could be a reserve even if the hitting doesn't live up to his first-round promise. Just turned 21.

  2. Daniel Gossett: Apparently nicknamed "Goose," which I disavow. Clemson junior, smallish -- 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds. The name "Sonny Gray" has been mentioned because of the stature. Right-handed. Throws in the low 90s. Turns 22 after the season.

  3. Brett Graves: Right-handed pitcher, junior from Mizzou. Also small -- 6-foot-1 and 190. Depending on how much you consider Missouri part of the south, he fits right in with Gray and Gossett. He's athletic and throws harder than Gossett, but he's behind him because of the secondary stuff. Small size, big fastball, mediocre secondaries? That sounds like a reliever! Turns 22 after the season.

  4. Jordan Schwartz: Right-handed pitcher, junior from Niagara. Apparently that's a school. Somehow managed to get drafted despite putting up an 8.26 ERA and a .182 batting average as a freshman. In the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. And then 8.17 as a sophomore. And then? How about 3.12 with more than a strikeout per inning as a junior. Kids grow up so fast. Turns 23 before next season.

  5. Heath Fillmyer: Smallish (again) right-handed pitcher from a New Jersey junior college. Big arm, lots of projection, raw. Just turned 20.

  6. Trace Loehr: Oregon high school shortstop, bats lefty. Oregon State commit. The writeup on MLB.com is positively glowing, which makes me wonder why he's in the sixth round. Signability? But let me repeat: lefty-hitting shortstop. Just turned 19.

  7. Branden Cogswell: Easily the best name of the first ten, but that's mainly because the other nine are disappointing. Extremely disappointing. UVA junior second baseman. Also bats lefty. When the A's get on a run, they really get on a run. Apparently a contact hitter with no power or speed. I guess you can always use those. In Double-A. Turns 22 before next season.

  8. Branden Kelliher: Seriously? Two Brandens in a row? The A's got to the "I dare you" part of the draft very quickly this year. He's out of Lake Stevens, Washington. I've been there. It's 15 minutes from Snohomish, where Adam Eaton (the first one, the pitcher) was from. This Branden is a pitcher despite being 5'11" and 175 pounds. The A's seriously did not draft a pitcher over 6'1" until the tenth round. This is very impressive. Kelliher runs it up to 94. Turns 19 after the season.

  9. Mike Fagan: Princeton lefty pitcher. May or may not bat right-handed. Senior, six feet. In the ninth round, you start seeing these college seniors picked for cheap signability reasons, giving a little wiggle room to throw money into the earlier rounds. Fagan went to San Diego Jewish Academy for high school, so he appears to be at least the second member of the Tribe to be drafted by the A's this year. Did strike out 77 in 58 innings with a 2.33 ERA. Three complete games in nine starts. Was the Friday night starter. Lost to Columbia, Harvard, and Cornell, beat Penn and Brown. Did not pitch against Yale. I am skeptical. Just turned 22.1

  10. Corey Miller: Pepperdine right-hander, another senior. Actually has size -- 6-foot-3 and 190. Went in the 16th round last year, so he improved his position but not by much, given his leverage now. He's an Angels fan. To hell with this. Turns 23 after the season.

  1. Also I have just spent the last 40 minutes reading the bios of every Princeton baseball player. First, Scott Servais has a son there, but Bob Geren has two. Second, everyone single one of those bios is fantastic and I love them and this was so much fun.