Tampa Bay's front office

By Jason Wojciechowski on November 3, 2005 at 10:56 PM

I'm extremely intrigued by the Tampa Bay front-office situation. They've decided to promote from within, naming Andrew Friedman, who's just 28, to the top spot while hiring Gerry Hunsicker to serve as his number two. Hunsicker certainly showed himself capable as a GM of the Astros for many years, he seems to be happy with a subsidiary role, and the Rays' new principal owner apparently thinks highly of Friedman, so it could be an interesting tag-team.

Friedman's a finance guy who spent five years working in that industry after graduating from Tulane, where had a baseball scholarship before injuries cut him down. That's an interesting background, because a lot of the focus on the up-and-coming young GMs is on the guys with the Ivy League credentials, the MBAs and JDs, so it's interesting to see a guy who didn't go to what I like to call Entitlement U get a shot.

Matthew Silverman, the team's president, was apparently instrumental in bringing this about. Silverman is just 29, has an economics degree from Harvard, has worked for Goldman Sachs, and was apparently heavily involved in the purchase of the team by Stuart Sternberg.