Doc Rivers and T's

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 16, 2008 at 3:16 AM

I don't remember if it was the LA Times or the Boston Globe, since both are equally invested in Laker-bashing these days (TJ Simers, I'm looking at your dumb ass), but someone applauded Doc Rivers the other day for picking up an early technical by screaming at the ref. The implication is that he was able to game the refs, to get in their heads and thus affect the outcome of the game. Well, the Lakers have been whistled for two techs in the second quarter of this game, Kobe got one in Game Two, and Phil Jackson said a lot of bald things after that game, but since Boston is still getting all the calls, no love for the Lakers on the ref-gaming front. Double standards up the wazoo. My newest complaint: PJ Brown's entire existence is to foul post players every time they try to get a rebound and, if he's lucky, goad them into a foul or a technical. But I haven't seen a whistle blown on his nonsense once, except for when he tangled up Jordan Farmar in, I think, Game Two. God do I hate PJ Brown.