Fringes of the 40-man Roster

By Jason Wojciechowski on May 9, 2015 at 12:46 PM

My prediction on the next players to go from the 40-man as space is needed, updated in quasi-real time.

My previous number one, Alex Hassan, is gone.

  1. Arnold Leon: He can be outrighted, I think, and the A's didn't seem to seriously consider giving him a shot to stick in the majors when they called him up for his one game in Anaheim earlier in the year.
  2. Angel Castro: The newest A's reliever could be the newest ex-A's reliever pretty quickly, depending on how things go.
  3. Ryan Cook: If he doesn't figure out how to throw a baseball where he wants to throw a baseball, he might find himself flat-out cut.
  4. Mark Canha: He's had a hot start, so it feels weird to have him listed here at all, but the fact remains that he's a Rule 5 player, so if the A's are in the race and feel they can't deal with him in the majors anymore, he'll be gone entirely, not just optioned.

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